A Historic Site in the Virginia Mountains

The Appalachian African-American Cultural Center houses photographs, artifacts, and other culturally significant items in Lee County's history.

Rachel Scott (above), of Pennington Gap, in 1939, sold the 2.6 acre parcel of land to the county for $750.  This was done in order to build a school.

The school (above) was built in 1940 for $1,600.  Between 20 and 35 students attended in various years. In 1964-65, records show 20 students attending - two in first grade, one in second grade, four in third grade, three each in fourth, fifth, and sixth grades, and four in seventh grade.

Lue Ethel Carson was the last teacher at the school, from 1955 to 1965 - the year it closed down.

The Center has a full time volunteer curator on the premises daily from Monday to Sunday, allowing for maximum visitation.


Perhaps the most important element to people, in a given area, is the documentation and preservation of their own culture.

"Lest We Not Forget"


230 North Leona St.

Pennington Gap Virginia 24277